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Les Schwab Tires Center

492 Sparn, Grand Junction, CO

Property Status


Lot Size

1.5 AC

Building Size

10,000 SF

Deal Type


This deal was a rare one, where the stars just seemed to align. The property was already listed for sale by a friend, eliminating the need for cold-calling. Recognizing its potential fit for Les Schwab, I arranged a market tour during which I showcased the site to the Les Schwab Real Estate Manager, who expressed enthusiasm. I secured the property under contract and successfully negotiated a lease with LST. The entire process unfolded seamlessly, without any delays or significant challenges. The only hiccup was the City's review and approval of the plat, which was necessary for recording and closing on the land as scheduled. Overall, this project was smooth and a total anomaly.

J. Clint Jameson, CDP

Managing Partner

CPCRE Time Lapse - 492 Sparn, Grand Junction CO
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