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Development is all about the details.

Here's a detailed look at what we do. 

Starbucks | Bullhead City, AZ

Build to Suit

We strive for perfection in every deal. But in Build to Suit deals, you’ll get the chance to see it from the time you choose your site to the moment you open your doors for business.


That means working with our best-in-class team all the way from five-star site selection and due diligence to meticulous and professional budgeting, reporting, approvals, entitlement, acquisition, construction, inspection, and occupancy.


Build-to-Suits are all about achieving exactly what you want together. That’s why we encourage our clients to never hesitate raising questions, concerns, or special requests at any step of the way.


Starbucks | Oakland, CA


We’re experts in knowing how and when to revitalize and optimize an existing property by renovating it for a brand-new tenant (that’s you).
When you work with CenterPointe, you can be confident in a smooth and seamless process all the way from five-star site selection and due diligence to meticulous and professional budgeting, reporting, funding, planning, designing, construction, inspection, and occupancy.
Redevelopments are a great way to capitalize on untapped marketplace opportunities, and just like with Build to Suits, we’ll be by your side as your trusted partner from start to finish.

Our Passion Makes Us Preferred.

Our best-in-class site selection, seamless acquisition, strategic negotiation, and relentless analysis services have made us the preferred developer for clients across the nation, and we’re excited to build our next loyal partnership with you.

When you work with CenterPointe, you’ll experience our transparent and collaborative services first-hand, including:

Comprehensive Market Analysis
(Anywhere in the U.S.)

Property Negotiation

Site Acquisition

Redevelopment/Reuse Strategies

Zoning Analysis and Due Diligence

Entitlements and Permit Approval

Program/Project Coordination


Our Preferred Partnerships

As much as we’d like to offer our services to any client a la carte, CenterPointe is primarily focused on a set of partnership criteria that allows all of our premium services to shine:

  • National Retailers

  • 10+ Unit Rollouts

  • Corporate-Backed Guarantees

If these sound like your business goals, get in touch with us today.

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