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The CenterPointe Story

An unwavering mentality turned into an unstoppable mission.

Clint Jameson has always been the type to strive for more. As a success-oriented individual from the very beginning, he knew he was going places—even if he wasn’t exactly sure where.


Humble beginnings taught Clint how to do a lot with a little. He prodded, pestered, and persevered his way up the ranks through a variety of entry-level odd jobs, brushing up against development opportunities along the way.

Born to succeed.


“In entrepreneurship, there’s no in between. You either make it or you don’t.”

Clint Jameson

Dunkin' Donuts
Dutch Bros
Jersey Mike's
Super Star Car Wash
Les Schwab
Salad and Go
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
My Story 2.JPEG

And when those opportunities arose, Clint was never afraid to capitalize. Burning his way through autoCAD courses and industry research until there was no midnight oil left, Clint worked hour after hour, day after day, and week after week to sharpen his thinking and hone his craft. In 1999, Clint landed a spot at the renowned Evergreen Development in Phoenix, and was handed $30 million worth of Walgreens projects on Day 1… Talk about sink or swim. 

Clint was always driven to begin with. But he became relentless. He told himself he had to work on 50 projects before he felt like he had a firm grasp on all aspects of development. And after seven years of being a sponge at Evergreen, Clint decided to do something he knew he wanted to do all along. 

"It doesn't matter how astute you are, the computations you do, or how many questions you ask—if you aren't in the jungle, you won't know the tiger."


He became a development maverick.

My Story 3.jpg

In 2006, Clint took everything he learned and started building something new, hustling tirelessly, working day in and day out on a new dream of his own: a business model that would redefine site selection and deal-making, and surpass his competition. 

Knowing he needed to bring in some A-list acquisition experience, Clint teamed up with the esteemed Jason Haun to officially form CenterPointe Development and pursue his entrepreneurial dream. 

But it wouldn’t be a dream if it wasn’t difficult. After the Great Recession set the team back in 2008, Jason decided to pursue another opportunity, while Clint chose to press on with CenterPointe. To this day, Clint feels fortunate that prior to Jason’s departure, he got Clint started on a proprietary site selection process that Clint would eventually pour thousands of hours into, yielding one of his biggest competitive advantages. 

Starbucks | Superior, CO

“I’m going to climb this mountain, and whether you see me waving from the top or dead on the way up, I’m not coming back.”

Clint’s response to a friend, 2013

Fast forward more than 1,200 hardworking days and nights later and finally, Clint’s tenacity paid off. He completed and sold his first deal.

And then that one led to another. And another. And another.
Today, Clint’s team has closed more than 50 deals and CenterPointe has become known as one of the most distinguished commercial real estate development partners in the western region.
Because Clint decided to be the exception. To do commercial real estate a different way. A better way. The right way.

My Story 4.HEIC

"An immediate reward for lack of discipline is a fun day at the beach.
A future reward of discipline is
owning the beach.”

Jim Rohn

Starbucks | Colorado Springs, CO

Clint’s natural grit and determination paired with a deadset belief in manifesting his own future has allowed him to think harder and work smarter since the beginning, and today, it has brought endless growth and success to client after client—as well as himself along the way.
And if we’ve learned anything from Clint’s past, it’s that CenterPointe is just getting started.

From the Partner’s Perspective

Hear how a unique range of clients have felt about choosing CenterPointe for their projects.

“While other developers would have walked away from our site, Clint addressed the challenges and provided a solution so our store could be built. He does what he says he’s going to do, and he delivers on time. A great partner to our real estate department.”

David Moroney
Real Estate Manager, Murphy USA

David Moroney - Headshot.jpg

Real sales.
Real stories.

Hear some of Clint’s favorite anecdotes from his time in the industry.

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Our Purpose

CenterPointe CRE exists to be the premier customer service enterprise that does commercial real estate development right.

We deliver superior real estate development projects to our partners and communities through our commitment to building superior value and loyalty through high-touch relationships.

Our Mission

Our North Stars

Our Core Values

We are relentless. We are focused. We are innovative. We are thoughtful. We are masterful.

We are the exception.

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