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Maverik Gas

1885 AZ-95, Bullhead City, AZ

Property Status


Lot Size

1.5 AC

Building Size

3,500 SF

Deal Type


This property used to have an operating Mexican Restaurant on it and we thought the real estate represented a tremendous opportunity as a redevelopment. The building was older and upon research, we felt it would make a perfect Maverik Gas site. On the first call with the property owner, the owner had mentioned he was nearing retirement age, didn’t have any family members that wanted to take over the business, and really wanted to retire and sell. That was unusual feedback for us as a typical cold call is met with much more resistance. Whatever, we will take it! We progressed pretty quickly on the land contract and had it put together within a couple of weeks. We thought this was going to be a pretty easy deal, but when we presented the site to Maverik Gas the feedback was totally different than we had expected. Basically it was, “Nope, not for us!”. Hmm, we thought it was strange that they thought so differently about the site than we did as we were confident that this was a homerun site for them, especially given their existing spacing within the market. We always believe there’s another move when hit with opposition, so we then called our architect, G3 Architecture, and asked them if they could prepare a site plan with a Maverik Gas prototype on it. Once we got that back, we sent it over to Maverik’s Real Estate Manager and the feedback changed to, “Wow, this looks great! We will get you a Letter of Intent this week!”. It took a couple of months to get through the LOI and eventually a lease, but we got the deal done and the store opened in July of 2023.

J. Clint Jameson, CDP

Managing Partner

Bullhead City AZ
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