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25455 E. Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO

Property Status


Lot Size

1 AC

Building Size

2,400 SF

Deal Type


This property had previously been under the ownership of the church right behind it. At that time, the church had a vacancy in its landscape that struck me as an ideal spot for a new Starbucks. When I first reached out to the pastor, I discovered they were already very close to securing permits to transform that area into additional parking for their congregation. With a little luck and persuasion, I convinced the pastor to put those plans on hold and instead sell me an acre for a new Starbucks. However, navigating the City's processes after sealing the land-deal proved to be a challenge.

Our initial meeting with the City in January of 2020 made it clear they weren't overly enthusiastic about our idea, essentially wishing us luck and showing us the door. During that meeting, the City outlined the need for a rezone, a Development Plan Amendment, a re-plat, and extending sewer lines over 800 feet to service the property.

Furthermore, Starbucks insisted on a new traffic signal at our intersection, despite the City not deeming it necessary. The odds appeared to be stacked against us, but we stayed true to our vision, and tackled each obstacle one at a time, focusing on what was immediately in front of us.

It took approximately 1.5 years to obtain the necessary approvals, but we triumphed. In August of '23, we opened our doors to a flood of eager customers and completed our vision.

J. Clint Jameson, CDP

Managing Partner

Smoky Hill Rd
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